Unparallel Interoperability

Near Real-time Data Flow & Clinical Decision Support


As medical technology continuously advance, one main problem has largely remained untouched, “the communication capability of medical devices”.

Medical devices at critical care are manufactured by different vendors and they are not designed to communicate to each other with uniformity. In order to facilitate the communication, hospitals are using middleware solution and this would mean lagging and also high license cost.

Lack of communication between the devices also mean excessive alarms from different devices that disturb the patient and cause alarm fatigue for clinicians.

It is estimated that 72% to 99% of alarms going off at ICU are irrelevant and clinicians exposed to these are alarms are desensitized, threating the decision they make about patients.

The efficient integration capability is achieved through IoT technology allowing clinicians to have real time patient data on a single platform.

With its vendor-independent connectivity feature, ArcBox will facilitate the communication between medical devices at critical care without needing a middleware. This translates into faster communication, no lagging and 62% less connectivity cost.

ArcBox captures and harmonizes data from virtually any medical device, then delivers it to the downstream to generate actionable information.